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TTD represents the relentless pursuit of becoming your best self. 

TTD started as a phrase my friend and I would say every time we would leave each other. TTD “Till the death” ; it represented the strength of our friendship and the loyalty we had to each other. Staying solid till the death. As I grew in the gym; the phrase began to carry more meaning. Whenever my friends and I would be training, we would push each other to our absolute limits; and we would be yelling TTD out to remind each other that we have to give it our all. Whenever I was ready to quit, somebody would yell out TTD; and I would immediately remember that my goals and ambitions are far much greater than the pain I was feeling at that current moment; and it pushed me to go a little bit further and push myself harder.

The pain you are willing to endure reflects how badly you want it! The one question we always ask ourselves is “Can I take one more step? Can I do one more rep?” There is great sacrifice that comes with trying to take it to the next level in any area of your life. Allow yourself to go against the grain. You already know what it feels like to quit. It’s time to find out what happens if you don’t.  TTD represents living with passion & ambition, never taking no for an answer & never cheating yourself.

TTD is not just a saying nor is it just a logo on a set of clothing. TTD is something you live by. Not only In the gym. Till the death is an all in mindset that is applicable to everything we do; we’re gonna give it our all. 

In short, TTD; we will stop for nothing to achieve our goals.